Move over World Cup, it’s the cricket season!

Cricket bats 123
The Old Joinery has been buzzing with every television in the house showing some sporting event or another.  Royal Ascot and the ladies hats have definitely been my preference, but the Old Joiner (you should know who he is by now) has been glued to the Test Series between England and Sri Lanka.  Football viewing has not had much priority and with the tennis starting at Wimbledon next week it is likely to stay that way.  Best of all though is the local cricket.  The villages of Capel and Newdigate put out adult and youth sides, barely a day goes past without an evening match – the joys of midsummer.  Indeed as I key this blog the Old Joiner is umpiring a match for the Under 11’s.  If you are visiting Surrey do consider the quintessential English summer afternoon experience there are matches throughout the Surrey Hills, Google will help tell you where and when.  Almost forgot, if you need bed and breakfast accommodation then do call us for availability.  Jane

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